Significant updates in the new version of Route Optimizer

We are pleased to inform you that a completely reworked release of the Route Optimizer mobile app is ready for use and available in the Google Play Market. 

route optimization

With this update, we took into account the wishes of everyone who actively used the previous version
of the program and shared with us their vision of what is missing for the complete convenience of the courier and driver. We value your time very much and have tried to make a program that will make your work more comfortable.



Completely redesigned interface - it has become more convenient and understandable.
Local address book - now you can save addresses locally in the application and re use them for next routes

New added interface languages: Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, German,

Route optimization enhancements:

· Up to 200 stops in one route

· You can specify where to start the route

· You can specify where to end the route (coming soon)

· Improved algorithm for time and distance optimization

· You can set vehicle capacity

· You can set maximum idle time to exclude early arriving and time waste

Stop parameter enhancements:

· ASAP priority marker for the fastest delivery

· Goods weight/quantity (used if vehicle capacity is indicated)

· Text and photos comments for each delivery

· Navigation with the most popular programs (Yandex,Waze, Google, HERE WE GO)

WEB application includes all functionality of mobile app and in additionally you can:

Prepare a route from a computer and then use it on your phone Bulk address import file
Segment delivery areas to the small territories and optimize them separately
Optimization for multiple cars

Send us your comments, we will take them into account in the next releases! Direct download link: