Advanced feature: Early arrival problem

route planning software

In many cases, when customers specify the exact drop-off / pick-up time, it may turn out that the optimization program can give a result in which it would be more optimal to arrive at the address earlier than the appointed time and "wait", since in this case the travel time or distance will be shorter.

On the one hand, it is good that the distance or the time spent on the road (exactly the travel time) will be less, but on the other hand, during the idle time, the driver could pass several other addresses and complete all tasks earlier.

To solve this problem, we have implemented the "idle time" parameter.

If you specify this value, then the algorithm will return only those results where at each stop the downtime does not exceed the specified parameter. All addresses which are do not meet to this requirements will be excluded from the route, so logistic can assignee them to other driver or modify initial optimization parameters.

Such small but very useful functionality give you ability to make last mile delivery more efficient.