Why chain stores/restaurants need City Carrier?

(Part 4) Centralized operations and optimal carrier managementAbout project.
City Carrier is the first and only online marketplace to connect businesses and carriers directly. No middleman means cost and time efficient delivery. The delivery you can track at each and every stage of order.
Competition is fierce. 
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In one of the previous posts, Can small businesses delivery on-demand? We have talked about the challenges small business owners face and why it is especially hard for them to compete with big names over last mile delivery.Here is the thing, the chain stores/retails/restaurants have the same issues, and on top of that, they have to manage several locations all at once. This only means more work.Think about it. Customers expect fast and efficient delivery. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a chain store, today’s consumer lives by “I Want What I Want, When I Want It” (IWWIWWIWI) rule, as suggested by Consumer psychologist Dr. Kit Yarrow. You won’t even earn extra credits in the eyes of your customers for providing fast and preferably free delivery options. These are by default expected benefits by most shoppers.Following Amazon Prime‘s suit, Walmart has introduced a 2-day free shipping option for an annual membership fee of just $49. Although, Amazon Prime or Walmart’s ShippingPass is barely free as you need to become a member first, yet this concept sits perfectly well with consumers.  It also “spoils” customers as they expect the same urgency and efficiency from the rest of us in the shipping business.Hope is not lost, at all! Yes, big names make the rules a lot tougher for small, mid size businesses, and even chain stores/restaurants with their annual membership programs. However, there are healthy alternatives to enable both “mom and pop” shops and chain stores/restaurants alike to compete in this ever challenging industry.This is where City Carrier comes to help. The sole purpose of the platform is to bring carriers and businesses together. It is designed to enable small and mid size businesses with technology and advanced tracking system so that they can compete with big brand names on their terms.Access to the pool of carrying around, advanced tracking system and ability to receive instant feedback on both products and delivery services will optimize daily shipping operations and enable any business to deliver on-demand for the fraction of the cost.Good news for chainsCentralized operations: City Carrier allows you to manage multiple locations all at once. Here is what I mean. You can now have fewer, centralized operators to receive orders, monitor feedback and handle complaints for all stores/restaurants. There is no more need to have a separate coordination of shipping from various locations. All can be done from a single spot, headquarters, for instance.loc-setsThis feature will save you man hours and shipping costs by large. Not to mention the benefit of monitoring operations and knowing exactly which locations are doing well and which ones need additional support.locsetOptimal carrier management: advanced tracking system will allow your coordinators to always know the whereabouts of each and every carrier associated with your business. You no longer need to hire couriers to handle each location separately. This app will help you identify location of each and every carrier in “online” mode. Depending on the urgency of the delivery and the proximity of carriers to the business location, you can hand pick couriers to receive notifications with order details. Optimal use of carriers available around the corner will reduce delivery time so crucial in today’s economy.

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