The local start-up City Carrier, which makes transportation easier, enters the market in a pretentious manner

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Courier and delivery services that needed in any business usually provides by a 3rd part company. Therefore, for the transportation of products, documents or other items for your business, you cooperate with a courier company. This makes you buy a service that is more expensive. Delivery problems that causes by couriers, impossibility to track, delays, paperwork and other things takes your time and money. “City Carrier” is an innovative solution for these kind of problems! The new platform that reminiscent “Uber” is actually simplifies very complicated procedures.How it works?City Carrier is the first  marketplace to connect businesses and carriers directly. No middleman means cost and time efficient delivery. The delivery you can track at each and every stage of order.You can now view the history of task cycles and optimize your business and its operations efficiently. By analyzing this feature carefully, you may detect how long it takes to deliver a task on average. You may easily identify carriers who complete tasks the fastest and with the highest ratings.The prices regulated through real-time auctions. Reliability is very important thing for businesses. That is why “City Carrier” offers new opportunities for businesspersons. First of all businessperson who cooperates with the courier can see his/her ID card and driving license in the system. The second important thing is when you make a choice in courier database, you can obtain rich statistical information about appropriate courier. Customer provided by the ability to remove from the personal rating couriers, which do not express confidence, based on the total number of orders delivered by courier, pronouncements about courier and quantity of businesspersons that are cooperated with courier.A mobile application designed for couriers, transmits GPS coordinates. This option helps courier in the planning of the next order. Order status changes (on way, delivered), an automatic notification via SMS, chat system for instant messaging, obtaining feedback from customers regarding the service, brings to a new level interaction with the customer. “City Carrier” platform presented in a demo version and focused on the global market. “City Carrier” started testing a pilot version so far with “Anadolu Restaurants & Catering”, “Cinnabon Azerbaijan”, “Schlotzsky’s Azerbaijan”, “Avaz Dining & Lounge”, “Buffetique”  

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The local start-up City Carrier, which makes transportation easier, enters the market in a pretentious manner - City Carrier