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The business model of carrier services has pretty much been the same for as long as one can remember. You need to send or receive something, you contact carrier services to do the job for you. You place an order and the business passes it on to the carrier services to deliver. The  traditional business model includes a middleman, an extra link in the chain. A link that more often than not delays transaction and most definitely increases its costs.“How cool it would be if there were an app to show every available carrier traveling from Baku to Ankara today” thought Azer to himself as he was looking for quick ways to deliver papers to his sister residing in Ankara. There weren’t any, so  he created one. Last October, on his flight to Ankara, Turkey while other passengers were taking naps, watching movies or reading, Azer worked on the first blueprint of  So, this is how a personal frustration with delivery services turned into a breakthrough technology that provides a platform for businesses, individuals and carriers to connect easily. A platform designed to cater to your specific needs and save time and costs of delivery.And here comes a blog to keep you posted on the news and latest trends in sharing economy of carrier industry, and all you need to know about Stay tuned, there is more to come!  

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