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blog-2 2017.07.10
Pilot testing of local delivery in Baku
Forget your shopping bag at the office or have urgent need to deliver your luggage from one point to another? Don’t panic or call for available volunteer to help – we have a better option! With the help of City Carrier’s new function, the work with carrier service becomes very easy...
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blog-2 2016.12.28
Free trial delivery
All businesses are welcome for 1-month free trial delivery (sponsored by City Carrier) and 1-year free use of all functionality (except services are provided by third parties)
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blog-2 2016.12.26
The local start-up City Carrier, which makes transportation easier, enters the market in a pretentious manner
Original article in Azeri here Courier and delivery services that needed in any business usually provides by a 3rd part company. Therefore, for the transportation of products, documents or other items for your business, you cooperate with a courier company. This makes you buy a service that is more expensive. Delivery...
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new functionality