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Edit customer 

Editing window

Pressing edit icon in edit column gives to business chance to edit customer information in another window.

A business can see information which can be changed in an editing window.

The business has access to add new location from here. Also, the business can see all addresses of customer here. By clicking on address business able to see the location on the map.  The business can go back to customer list by clicking “Back to customers list”.

If the business did any changes, he can save changes by clicking on “Save changes” button.

Next from the customer editing window, business able to see, and also delete and edit customer’s addresses. On map this addresses shows as first two letters of name and surname of customer. Business can edit address by pressing on the initials on the map or by right-clicking on address box. Then business can press “OK” to save the changes or click on red “x” to discard. Also business can delete the address of customer by clicking delete button.

Edit customer  - City Carrier