City Carrier Help

Filter & Bulk operations

In the list of all tasks (general list) you can use the filter to bring out the necessary tasks. Filtering is based on the following parameters:

1)Status of the task (Status)

2)At the option of the carrier (Carrier)

3)For not optimized orders (Only not optimized)

In general list you can perform bulk editing of tasks, by the right-clicking on the selected tasks and this requires:

1)Select a check mark for a series of tasks that you want to edit (or mark all orders with one common tick at the top)

2)Right-click on orders

3)Click on the button ‘Bulk edit’

4)Enter pickup date and time

5)Enter the date and time of delivery

6)Enter service time

7)Specify the size of the parcel (set capacity)

Then, after clicking the ‘Update’ button, all previously selected orders are updated.

On any status of the tasks, selecting them from the list, it is possible to apply the bulk cancel function. Bulk cancel is designed to remove tasks in bulk. To do this, you need to select the tasks from the list, click on the right mouse button and select the ‘Bulk cancel’ function. After the parcels are delivered by the carriers to the destinations, it is also possible to close the tasks in bulk by clicking on the right mouse button after selecting the tasks.

Filter & Bulk operations - City Carrier