Full specifications

Optimization options:BeginnerProBusiness
Number of stops per day10500unlimited
Multi circuit per vehicle+++
Dynamic route optimization+++
Number of vehicles per request11unlimited
Manual sequence modification+++
Territory polygons (web app)-+-
Vehicle constraints:
Vehicle classification--+
Vehicle capacity+++
Vehicle usage cost--+
Pick-up - Delivery sequence control--+
Time constraints
Shift time+++
Pickup delivery windows+++
Service time+++
Max Idle time+++
Stop constraints:
Do not discard priority+++
Visit sequence priority+++
Stop type classification--+
Permitted vehicles lists--+
Goods constraints:
Goods capacity+++
Click and share--+
Real time status check and tracking--+
Addess book+++
Take pictures+++
Audio and text notes +++
Bulk import of stops+
Territory management+
Cooming soon:
Weather information
Route sharing and control
Digital signature
Lunch break
Live and historical traffic information
Goods type classifications