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Business can invite carriers from here. This part of the page consists of a photo, name and surname of carrier, phone of the carrier, movement type of carrier, sent time, respond time, respond status. Sent time is the time when a business sends invitation to the carrier. Response time is the time when carrier answer to the business invitation. Respond status shows the status of invitation (waited, accepted, declined).Business can search the carrier by carrier’s phone number here. Business able to filter the carriers by invitation’s status in filter by status box. Also business has the ability to search carrier with the help of associated period by writing from to date. Business can send an invitation by clicking “Send invitation” button at the top right. Business able to send invitation to the carrier only by writing a phone number of the carrier. If the carrier is already in a system, business able to see the city carrier icon beside the carrier’s mobile phone number, if he is not in a systematic business will see the “!” beside the carrier’s mobile phone number. But don’t worry, if the carrier is not in a system, business can send invitation to him by writing mob. Phone number and future carrier receive the link to the application.

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