What makes City Carrier marketplace so unique?

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(Part 1)About project.City Carrier is the first and only online marketplace to connect businesses and carriers directly. No middleman means cost and time efficient delivery. The delivery you can track at each and every stage of ordering. Each market should be self-regulated and the price of services shall depend on the quantity and quality of offers and demands. (C)We believe it is time this philosophy catches on in the delivery industry as well.City Carrier is an online marketplace designed to bring together businesses, carriers and customers to find and provide instant delivery services across the city. It also provides with tools for effective management of staff or freelance drivers/carriers. The main difference with other similar services is that there is no middleman among customer, business and third party service provider (carrier).Fundamental FeaturesIn this post we are excited to introduce some of the fundamental features City Carrier offers to help you improve your operations.Carriers marketplace:5Imagine a network designed solely for businesses and carriers. This is exactly what City Carrier is all about. As a business, you get to access a pool of couriers and carriers with cars, motorcycles, vans, you name it. You see where they operate and how much they charge per task.You are able to offer your price for each delivery, and the first carrier to accept it will be assigned to take on your order to deliver it to customers.Businesses and carriers are able to directly negotiate price and terms of each and every delivery. No middleman, no price control, the best bid takes it all.Carriers associations: In addition to carriers associated with your business, you are granted an access to the pull of potential carriers as they join in. To ensure credibility you have an access to carriers’ ID card, drivers license information.  In addition, the advanced rating mechanism allows you to see feedback from customers on carrier’s performance.Feedback from customer:How often do your carriers report on negative feedback from customers? Do they, at all? City Carrier makes it easier to be in the know. The moment delivery is completed, your end users have an option to leave a feedback on both products and services provided by carriers. This means you can interfere and fix any mishap before it becomes an issue.Stay tuned to hear more about other features City Carrier can help you optimize your business with.P.S. The service is in a closed demo testing stage. To create a beta account, please contact us at info@citycarrier.net.

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