Comprehensive Solution for Managing Courier and Postal Business

City Carrier Delivery management - is the software for enabling end-to-end delivery excellence, transparency, and customer satisfaction at scale. It is a software for automating fulfillment across a vast network of trusted carriers for diverse fleets according to desired costs and other constraints.

What you get and how it work
Freight delivery solution

Customer portal

White label, multi language Self Service Cabinet can be customized to suit your brand book.
Authorized users get full featured and convenient functional:

iconCreate one or more orders at a time.
iconPrinting of stickers, CMR, POD
iconOnline payment
iconDelivery process tracking
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Courier mobile app

The mobile application for a courier is focused on creating the most convenient functionality for performing work.
The program updates the courier's location, the status of completed orders and much more in real time.
The list of new tasks, pickups and deliveries is shown separately and allows organize work in best manner.

Using mobile app courier can:
iconOptimize the route to achieve all the assigned tasks.
iconGet Immediate notification of new tasks.
iconCollect photos as POD and digital signatures.
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The operator/cashier workplace is designated for customer service.
It can be used both to manage your terminals and to expand the service network by creating a PuDo franchise.

It allows:
iconReceive and hand over parcels to clients
iconKeep records of cash and cashless payments
iconSort received parcels for delivery or dispatching to the hub
iconEach PuDo has its own local individual settings.
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Work processes of a warehouse worker can be performed from any android mobile terminal or from a PC

The processes consist of:
iconSorting of incoming parcels
iconGrouping of parcels for dispatching
iconWeight control
iconPrinting Labels
iconChanging/assigning a long haul route/courier
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Logistic dashboard

Work processes of a warehouse worker can be performed from any android mobile terminal or from a PC

The processes consist of:
iconLogistics dashboard allows you to
iconControl ongoing delivery processes
iconManaging Add-hock orders
iconManaging No-Pickup / No-Delivery cases
iconPlanning route and workforce for future days

Back office

The back office includes processes that are necessary to complete the delivery cycle

iconPreparing of invoices and specifications to clients for services provided
iconPuDo reports on sales and services provided by operators
iconReports on the collection of money by couriers that they owe you for COD and Recipient pays services.

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