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Optimization of orders is needed to automatically build the most convenient route for the carrier, considering all the details.

In order to optimize the route for tasks, it is necessary to select the tasks that you created and click on the ‘Optimize’ button in the upper left corner of the page. After clicking the button, you will see a window with the details of optimization, namely, you need to enter the following parameters:



Start time

Time of the starting of the route. It cannot be set later than pickup time.

End time

End time of the route. It cannot be set later than the drop-off time period.

Start from

The starting point of the route, i.e. brunch from which you need to start

Lunch time

Here you can set a certain rest time for the carrier, during the working day

Carrier selection/Select all carriers

You can select a carrier from the list of all carriers that is on the right in this window or
you can check ‘Select all carriers’ to select all carriers for this route


If the capacity of the carrier’s transport is not sufficient to dissolve all orders, having marked
this function active, it becomes possible to arrange the route so that the carrier
returns for the parcel which he could not take earlier from the start point

*When you will choose a carrier in the details of optimization, it is necessary to pay attention to the maximum capacity of the carrier’s transport. Here about each carrier name there is an information icon where it is possible to look at the capacity.
*When selecting the parameters in the route construction, it is possible to select all the carriers for the transportation of the parcels by selecting the check mark in front of ‘Select all carriers’. This is necessary in the event that a large number of orders are driven into the system for optimization.

After entering all the parameters, click on the button ‘Done’ and go to the page where the route is built in relation to the selected tasks.

Optimization - City Carrier