Optimize your delivery experience with City Carrier

optimization(Part 5) Delivery experience optimization About project                                                      City Carrier is the first and only online marketplace to connect businesses and carriers directly.  No middleman means cost and time efficient delivery. The delivery you can track at each and every stage of ordering.Historical view of task cycleorders-historyYou can now view the history of task cycles and optimize your business and its operations efficiency. By analyzing this feature carefully, you may detect how long it takes to deliver a task on average. You may easily identify carriers who complete tasks faster and with the highest ratings.Customer search by name or phone numberSorting out through the vast amount of information has never been so easy. You can now access and go back to any specific customer’s data, including multiple delivery addresses either by entering their names or phone numbers.KM based price calculation or Fixed price per orderNo two businesses operate the same way. We recognize that needs are different and that one size doesn’t fit all. So we offer two pricing strategies to better meet your needs. You may choose to either  fixed rates per delivery or per based on distance. If you do choose a fixed rate option, we urge you to be rather flexible as the best bidder takes it all.Message your customers As the delivery progresses, you are able to message and email your customers to let them know about the status of their delivery at any given time. This is a proven method to foster a trusting relationship with your end users and lessen the anxiety in case of any delays.Message your carriers order-status-sorting-1Reach out to your carriers from start to finish. The app lets you message and email carriers from the moment you place an order to the very last stage of delivery. Even during the process, when you track their location, you are able to interfere and update them if anything changes.At City Carrier, we strive to make your delivery experience more pleasant than it has ever been. All these features are meant to increase your productivity, save you time and cost of handling delivery services.To learn more about how City Carrier can optimize your business operations, help you better understand your customers, please read our post including Be in the know with City Carrier and Track your delivery with City Carrier.P.S. The service is in a closed demo testing stage. To create a beta account, please contact us at info@citycarrier.net.

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