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Adding order

After logging into the system and association with the carrier, it becomes possible to create an order. To create an order, click on the search line on the left side of the home page, enter the customer number or name, and select the ‘New customer’ drop-down line or press the enter button on the keyboard. In the order card there are such main parameters as:



From Address

From where carrier need to pick up the parcel

Pickup time

The time period in which the carrier must pick up the parcel.
The pickup time cannot be set later than drop-off time.

To Addresss

Customer Address

Address comment

Comments to the customer’s address. To add a comment you need to click on the icon with a
pencil and then after writing the text, click on the check mark to save.

Drop-off time

The time interval in which the carrier must deliver the parcel.
The drop-off time cannot be set earlier than the pick-up time.

Priority from*

Priority of the address ‘from’ means that in the process of optimizing the route, the marked address
from which the order is to be picked up will be a priority.

Priority to*

Priority of the address ‘to’ means that in the process of optimizing the route, the marked
address to which the order is to be delivered will be a priority.

Service time

The time in minutes that the carrier spends on unloading the parcel


The capacity of the parcel in units. It is established in proportion to the capacity
of the parcel and takes of the carrier’s transport capacity.

* Priority to – If there are orders with disputable data (for example: the customer addresses of two orders are far from each other, but the delivery time is set to the same), the first ones in the route will be those that are marked as priority.
* Priority from – If there are orders with disputable data (for example: the pickup addresses of several orders, different branches, one of them is marked as a priority and the starting point (i.e. start from) from another branch), the beginning of the route is lined up from the branch that was marked as a priority.
Also, when you adding an order to a new customer, you need to set parameters such as name, surname, mobile of customer and a short description of the product in the ‘Task description’. Parameters of product description and mobile of customer are mandatory.
After filling all the fields, in the lower right corner you can click the ‘Save’ button or ‘Publish’ button to create the task. In the event that in the future these tasks will be used in optimization, they need to be created by clicking only on the ‘Save’ button, since only the saved tasks can be optimized. Optimization of orders is needed to automatically build the most convenient route for the carrier, considering all the details. ‘Publish’ is used if there is a need to perform single orders that will not be included in the route. All orders that are created with the ‘Publish’ button automatically appear in the application from the carrier.
After saving the tasks, they fall into the general list.

Adding order - City Carrier