City Carrier Help


In the list of all tasks (general list) you can use the filter to bring out the necessary tasks. Filtering is based on the following parameters: (name=first name)

The name, telephone number and address of the customer are required.

After clicking the ‘Done’ button, all orders that were in the excel file are imported to the system. After importing orders from the excel files, you need to click on the ‘Analysis’ button to analyze the tasks. If the excel file contains clients that are not in the system, after analyzing the orders for these clients, you will be able to change the names of clients and edit their addresses. If the client already contains the excel file, after analyzing the orders for their name, you can immediately go to their creation for optimization. Those client addresses that are marked in red must necessarily be edited for further action. After the analysis is completed, you need to click the ‘Submit’ button to create the system for optimization.

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