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Here it is possible to clear the route, i.e. do not create or assign a route to the carrier by clicking on the ‘Clear’ button. After clicking this button, the system returns you to the list of all tasks. Also, you can assign a route to a particular carrier by clicking on the green button in the right corner in the ‘All tasks’ section, after the route is lined up. If there are many orders in the route, they will be automatically divided between carriers. On this page you can see all the information about the route, namely:




Name of carrier

Route ID

Number of route

Start time

Start time of route

Route time

Total time of route

Route KM

Total km of route

Drop off

Amount of drop-off locations


Amount of pickup locations

After the route is assigned to the courier, the system automatically switches to the ‘Routes’ page. On this page you can see all the routes that were created, their starting point, the carriers of these routes, the date of creating the routes, the starting and ending time of the route set by the operator and the status of the route at the moment.
Routes come in 6 different statuses:
1) Created
2) In progress
3) Finished
4) Deleted
5) Declined
6) Draft
When creating a route, it automatically arrives in the status ‘Created’. In the course of carrying out the order by the carrier, the route arrives in the status ‘In progress’, after successful completion, the route goes to the status of ‘Finished’. If the carrier did not accept (decline) the route suggested to him, the route automatically changes to the ‘Declined’ status and it becomes possible to assign this route to another carrier. When the order arrives in the status ‘Created’, it is possible to change the status of the route to ‘Draft’ by clicking the button next to the status of the route. Routes in the status of ‘Declined’ and ‘Draft’ can be deleted by clicking on the red button of the basket next to the statuses of the routes.

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