Innovative Solution for Integrating Freight Deliveries Into Bus Networks

Our GTFS module ensures transparent organization multimodal delivery of cargo using extensive network of passenger lines.

How it work

Using the routes of all lines that are loaded into the system, the algorithm will find all possible paths with any number of transit routes and calculate the delivery time for each option
The operator does not have to know about all the routes and connecting times the program will do everything on its own.
You can set priorities for each transit terminal and partner, so you can be sure that the system primarily uses only the routes that are most profitable for you.

Integration planning of freight deliveries into passenger .
What you get
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Terminal workplace

iconOperator selects destination terminal, city or address system automatically finds all possibly connection among from your lines or partner lines.
iconBased on defined settings most preferable agency and route will be first in line
iconDepend on destination, parcel weight/quantity system calculate price and generate labels
iconCash/terminal/online payment options are available at the origin and destination points
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Worker workplace

iconTerminal worker collect all shipments and consolidate based on route lines.
iconBus driver gets all information about shipments in manifest

Back office

iconInvoicing module generates invoices and specifications
iconEach customer can be assigned an individual price list and settings
API interface for third party integrations
PuDo cash/terminal operations and report
Dedicated DWH for integration with analytic tools like MS PowerBi

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