City Carrier Help


You able to use our paid services by going to the subscription section. When you register a new account in our system, you have the opportunity to use paid services for free within 15 days. The package time, that you need to get after 15 days trial version, will continuous until that resources will end. It is possible to see the information about the account, packages with description and price, amount of resources and payment methods. After that the user add the package and buy it, amount of resources increases. To select package that you want to buy, click on “Add” from the list of packages and to buy it, click on “Checkout”.


User can pay for services, by one of our supported currencies, using: Visa, MasterCard, Paypal. Price of the packages is measured in euros. User able to edit and delete card by clicking on edit/delete button. It is possible to add new card by selecting “New card” from list, as shown on screenshot. “Subtotal” shows the payment amount. After selecting the payment method, user need to click on “checkout” button for payment.

Payment history

Payment history give to user ability to see all purchases and display invoice of payments. Here the user can see the date of purchases and set the search by date range. Also it is possible to see price of purchases and amount of purchase’s package.

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