City Carrier Help

System parameters

Assignment timer – The specified time during the order must be assigned.
Pickup timer – The specified time during the order must be picked up.This time determined by business.
Auto close – Orders can automatically closed after specific time. Users able to choose specific time by themselves from interval of time.
Must return – This option set for a carrier to return to the business after the order is delivered.
Show price – This option allows you to show or not show the price of the order before the courier assign the order.
Delivery price – The shipping cost function allows you to set a fixed shipping price or calculation for a distance.
Min price – The minimum price is valid if the distance calculation is less than the minimum price.
Looking for carrier – If business looking for carrier, he can select on the “Looking for carriers” option and carrier can see if business have
demand for carrier, or not. In auto close option, tasks will be automatically closed after the specified time. User can get off the auto close
feature by clicking “on” button, and vice versa can get on the auto close feature by clicking “off”.
Publishing radius – by selecting this option, when you create order, it is possible to see quantity of online carriers in the radius that you set.
Marketplace view – by enabling this option, all of carriers can see business in marketplace.

System parameters - City Carrier