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(Part 2)About project.City Carrier is the first and only online marketplace to connect businesses and carriers directly. No middleman means cost and time efficient delivery. The delivery you can track at each and every stage of ordering. 
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Track your order! Imagine a system that allows you to track each and every step of the delivery process. Imagine a solution that lets you connect with both carriers and customers simultaneously. This is precisely what City Carrier platform is all about. Our engineers work tirelessly to offer you a number of features designed to optimize your operations. Our goal is to help you save money and time so that your customers remain your primary focus.Now, here are the features to help you stay in the loop:Assignment, pickup timers and notifications1 The moment an order is placed you start tracking the entire process. You are emailing and SMS notified when a carrier picks up an order. You see time estimations of how long the delivery is supposed to take.Online trackingOnce the carrier is on their way to deliver, you can real-time track their progress and whereabouts. This feature allows you to monitor their entire move, and intervene if anything out of the ordinary happens.Handover confirmations to businessOnce your delivery has reached its destination, you will be notified of successful handover. This allows you to efficiently manage the next delivery and make sure the carrier located closest to your business gets a “call” for the upcoming order. Best time and people management means faster delivery and happier customers.SMS notification to customerYour customer is also kept in the loop the entire time. They will be notified when an order is placed, when it is picked by a carrier, how long it might take to receive it and when the carrier reaches their destination and is ready to handover the package.E-mail notification to customerPut your customer in the driver seat, make them feel in control, it will lessen the anxiety over waiting for delivery. They will be more understanding of a delay due a traffic jam when they see the  carrier ‘icon’ stuck in traffic. They will appreciate being informed in multiple ways, including via email notifications.Comments on orders at each stageEvery stage of your delivery is now open to communications. You can comment under each stage of operations as the delivery progresses. Keeping in touch with your carriers has never been this easy.Public and private Instructions with each order2When you place a job announcement, you can select all carriers in your network to get notified. You can also chose to notify specific one(s) only to receive your message. Whichever way you go, you now have an additional feature to give specific instructions to the carrier who takes on the task.Online chat with carriers:Not only do you benefit from access to the carriers’ pool, but can also keep in touch with those associated with your business. This means you can message them back and forth any time of the day. In case of any mishaps, you are always in the loop and have flexibility to interfere anytime.Stay tuned, much more is coming soon!P.S. The service is in a closed demo testing stage. To create a beta account, please contact us at

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