Early arrival problem


time idle, time windows, route planing

Not all route optimization programs are well tailored to business needs.

For example, when customers specify the exact drop-off / pick-up time, even costly solution from the other providers may not meet your expectation and turn out that the optimization program can give a result where courier arrives address before designated time and have to wait of designated time. Obviously all this time and money wasted.

Wouldn't it be better if the driver could go through several other tasks and arrive at this address at the appointed time?

This would have a positive effect on the overall time and it would be possible to complete all tasks earlier.

To solve this problem, we have implemented the "idle time" parameter. If you specify this value, then the algorithm will return only those results where at each stop the downtime does not exceed the specified parameter.

With this you always may be ensure that each hour is spent with maximum efficiently.